Napier Outdoors – Keeping You High and Dry Since 1990

The Backroadz Truck Tent was created with every truck owner in mind while being easy on the wallet. A quick and easy assembly creates the ultimate camp site in the back of your open-bed pickup. Napier’s exclusive full floor design protects you from the elements while making the tent easy to set-up and secure to your truck.
It’s perfect to keep behind the seat for any unexpected adventures such as:
camping, tailgating, fishing or even lounging at the beach.
• Napier offers the only truck tents on the market with a full floor,
keeping you clean from your truck and dry from the elements
• Full rainfly provides ultimate weather protection
• Large interior area with over 5.6’ of headroom
• 2 large windows offer optimal ventilation
• Illuminate the tent using the built-in lantern holder
• Quick and easy 1 person assembly that takes about 10 minutes
to setup
• Includes carrying bag for storage

Napier Outdoors has been changing the way people view camping by reshaping and merging the automotive and camping industries. Observing a need for convenience and flexibility in outdoor adventures and the
demand for exciting accessories in the automotive industry, Napier developed Vehicle Camping Tents.

Napier Outdoors tents go a long way in improving your camping experience. Here’s how:
• Sleep comfortably above the ground in our truck tents
• Versatile, compact, and lightweight – keep the tent behind a seat for an unexpected adventure
• The added comfort of your vehicle being right there; just in case a hungry bear strolls by
• No need to unpack – keep all your gear in your vehicle and sleep in the tent
• Convert your vehicle into your home away from home

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