Multiple Fishing Regs Pamphlets? WDFW Looks For Opinions On Idea

As the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife embarks on a project to simplify its angling regs, the agency is also asking fishermen whether they would be interested in multiple smaller pamphlets for different species and waters.

So, instead of one book covering everything from albacore to Yocum Lake, say, one covering just salmon, another focusing on shellfish, lingcod and other saltwater species, and a third an evergreen one for freshwater fishing.

This afternoon, the marketing department sent out an email with a link to an 11-question survey asking:

In your opinion, would splitting the pamphlet into multiple pamphlets (e.g., freshwater gamefish, marine fish/shellfish/seaweed, and salmon) be helpful?

A freshwater-only pamphlet would contain fishing rules for certain species in freshwater only. It would not include salmon seasons in freshwater systems. Do you prefer a pamphlet that contains only information about non-salmon freshwater species?


Would you prefer a freshwater pamphlet that could remain in effect for more than one year?

That last one would likely only be possible with a freshwater book for trout, walleye and bass, the regs for which generally are static.

Meanwhile, the salmon pamphlet could come out after that annual joyfest known as North of Falcon wraps up in mid-April or whenever.

The survey also asks anglers which species they fish for most often, their age, county of residence and whether they own a boat.

To take it, go here.

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