Man Takes Out Alleged Elk Poacher’s Truck With Tractor

Don’t try this at home, kids.

Washington game wardens report a man on a tractor shoved the truck of an alleged elk poacher trespassing on his property downhill into some trees Saturday evening.


The incident occurred in Pierce County after nightfall, and began with Officers Dennis Flowers and Justin Prater responding to a call about an active poacher.

“The first thing that Officer Flowers observed when he arrived in the area was a bit out of the ordinary,” WDFW officers reported on Facebook. “He witnessed a man on a tractor ram into the back of a parked pickup truck. The man on the tractor pushed the truck down an embankment into the tree line.”

The guy turned out to be the landowner who allegedly had taken “it upon himself to disable the poacher’s vehicle, which he totaled,” officers wrote.

As for said wildlife scofflaw, officers say a 16-year-old neighbor boy accompanied by his grandfather killed a cow elk during a closed season.

“Don’t be a tractor man,” says WDFW Deputy Chief Mike Cenci. “On one hand, I get it, but holy smokes.”

Officers instead urge anyone who sees a poaching in progress to call 911, while for nonemergency situations, they should call 1-877-933-9847.

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