M2-SP Flatfish Now Officially The Mag Lip


Mag Lip is a deep-diving plug that features a strike-producing wide wiggle in slower currents and erratic “skip-beat” action in faster currents – up to 4.5 MPH!

This lure has a maximum diving depth of 20 feet when trolled/backtrolled on a flat line.  Like all diving plugs, diving depth will vary depending on current speed, line diameter and the amount of let out.  In factory tests, this lure dives 20 feet using 30 to 40 pound super braid with 120 feet let-out.  Employing larger diameter line or shorter let-out distance produces shallower dive.  Add weight 4-to-6 feet ahead of plug when fishing slower currents or when wanting to go deeper.



Although not always necessary, this plug is designed to perform with a fillet of Sardine or other bait strapped to its belly!  Mag Lip bait-wrap grooves help hold wrapping thread and fillet in place.  Your fillet should measure 1-3/4 inches long and 5/8 inches wide.  Center your fillet around the belly eyelet (skin side down) and hold in place by wrapping with light test mono or elastic thread – finish with 3 to 4 half hitches.

Factory rigged with treble hooks (Size #1 trebles) but works with singles too! Mag Lip swims correctly when rigged with double 1/0 or 1/0-2/0 (2/0 on tail) siwash style single hooks.

Recommend rigging belly single hook (point down) off double split-ring; and trailing single (point up) off double split-ring.

Straight running from factory when using the included round-eyed connector snap!  Can be fine tuned by bending (a slight amount) the pull-point eyelet the opposite way the plug is running.

Product Features:

Extra Deep Diving –  dives up to 20 Feet!

Works with or without Bait Wrapper- (wrap groves hold thread)

Strike Producing – Erratic “skip-beat” action in fast currents – up to 4.5 MPH

Heavy Duty Rigging

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