Legislature Closes Without Confirming 3 FWC Members

Never bet on statehouse politics — my new motto.

I would have laid down money last month that the Washington senate would have continued their confirmation-happy ways this sesh by giving the nod to three more Fish & Wildlife Commissioners — chairwoman Miranda Wecker and new members Bob Kehoe and Jay Holzmiller.

All had hearings before the Natural Resources and Parks Committee, which last year forwarded the resumes of Larry Carpenter, Conrad Mahnken and Jay Kehne to the full upper chamber, which gave its stamp of approval.

I figured, criminy, if Kehne can make it through the Senate, anybody can.

In comparison, Wecker seemed like a shoe-in, though commercial fishermen chimed in with “concerns” before her hearing, and one should never discount the power of that lobby.

But a nonvote isn’t necessarily bad for the three commissioners. They continue to serve, just without being confirmed like their five other benchmates.

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