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M2-SP Flatfish Now Officially The Mag Lip


Mag Lip is a deep-diving plug that features a strike-producing wide wiggle in slower currents and erratic “skip-beat” action in faster currents – up to 4.5 MPH!

This lure has a maximum diving depth of 20 feet when trolled/backtrolled on a flat line.  Like all diving plugs, diving depth will vary depending on current speed, line diameter and the amount of let out.  In factory tests, this lure dives 20 feet using 30 to 40 pound super braid with 120 feet let-out.  Employing larger diameter line or shorter let-out distance produces shallower dive.  Add weight 4-to-6 feet ahead of plug when fishing slower currents or when wanting to go deeper.



Although not always necessary, this plug is designed to perform with a fillet of Sardine or other bait strapped to its belly!  Mag Lip bait-wrap grooves help hold wrapping thread and fillet in place.  Your fillet should measure 1-3/4 inches long and 5/8 inches wide.  Center your fillet around the belly eyelet (skin side down) and hold in place by wrapping with light test mono or elastic thread – finish with 3 to 4 half hitches.

Factory rigged with treble hooks (Size #1 trebles) but works with singles too! Mag Lip swims correctly when rigged with double 1/0 or 1/0-2/0 (2/0 on tail) siwash style single hooks.

Recommend rigging belly single hook (point down) off double split-ring; and trailing single (point up) off double split-ring.

Straight running from factory when using the included round-eyed connector snap!  Can be fine tuned by bending (a slight amount) the pull-point eyelet the opposite way the plug is running.

Product Features:

Extra Deep Diving –  dives up to 20 Feet!

Works with or without Bait Wrapper- (wrap groves hold thread)

Strike Producing – Erratic “skip-beat” action in fast currents – up to 4.5 MPH

Heavy Duty Rigging

20,000 Maggots, 1,629 Fish And A Big Storm

“I’ve got 20,000 maggots ready to go.”

So said Jeff Kolodzinski on a recent summer morning as he attempted to break a Guinness World Record.

No, he was not trying to eat all or a substantial portion of those 20,000 maggots.

Or get others to eat them.

Well, actually, that depends on what your definition of “others” comprises.

The so-called “Marathon Man” who is also a v.p. of marketing for Frabill, was going to use the variously colored baits to try and catch at least 1,629 fish in a 24-hour period, breaking his own record.

The attempt, which was also done to raise awareness of Armed Forces Family Fishing Celebration, has been posted on YouTube.

With his custom 12-foot “cane pole on steroids,” Kolodzinski sits on the dock at Lake Minnetonka next to a squirming tray of multi-colored maggots and goes to town.

I had to chuckle (and, yes, replay several times) the third minute which shows underwater footage of bluegills investigating the bait and then suddenly being yanked heavenward.

At noon, four and a half hours into his attempt, Kolodzinksi lands Bluegill No. 550; by 2:23, he’s up to 780; somewhere around midafternoon, a reporter appears to be taking notes next to him; and at 8:30 p.m, 13 hours in and with 1,245 fish on the clicker, he appears to be well on his way to not just breaking the record, but smashing it.

Except that approaching is a “wall cloud”– a big, fast-moving thunderboomer. And as Kolodzinski notes, he’s got ahold of 12 feet of carbon and is surrounded by nothing but water and low ground.



“The problem, is they’re just starting to turn on,” he says.

How does it end? See for yourself.

Steelhead U. Seminar Set For Dec. 5


Don’t miss Steelhead University’s Annual 1-Day Seminar, Dec. 5.

For the 6th consecutive year, Steelhead University will host a one-day seminar that will feature six of the Northwest’s top fishermen. Presentations will be given on an array of different techniques all designed to help you, the angler, catch more steelhead and salmon.

Northwest Fishing Legend Buzz Ramsey will head the program with his drift fishing presentation.  This years lineup also includes, Mike Perusse (side drifting), Bob Kratzer (trophy steelhead fishing), Todd Girtz (proven techniques, run timing and hotspots), Josh Hughes (steelhead rigging A to Z), and Steelhead University Host Terry Wiest (float fishing).

The presentation is designed for beginners and experts alike to improve your salmon/steelhead catch numbers.

There will be tackle giveaways and industry representatives will be on hand to answer your questions in person.

Sportco and Outdoor Emporium will be co-hosting the full day seminar being held in the IBEW Local 46 Auditorium 19802 62nd Ave S, Kent, WA  98032.  This state of the art auditorium features dual screens, built in sound system, it’s climate controlled and has comfortable seating with tables for everyone.

The cost per person for the all day seminar is $88.00.  Register on-line with Paypal at or contact Terry Wiest at (206) 387-9293.

Bass Pros Lane, Wolak Assume Roles With easy2HookUSA


Easy2HookUSA manufacturer and marketer of the revolutionary new line of “knotless” fishing hooks announced today that Bobby Lane, Bassmaster Elite Series Pro and 2010 Bassmaster Classic qualifier, along with Dave Wolak, who recently won a qualifying berth in the 2010’s Bassmaster Elite Series have taken on consultant roles with the company.

Both Lane from Lakeland, Fla. and Wolak from Wake Forest, NC, who have been impact participants in the professional ranks all year have agreed to field test new hook prototype product for the company. They will provide feed-back to insure the company is providing the very best professional grade product to anglers at all skill and experience levels.

“We are thrilled to have Bobby and Dave on board,” said Ron Baskett, CEO of easy2HookUSA, “after the tremendous reception we received at the ICAST show in July, we wanted to strengthen our product development team to meet the exciting market opportunities that lie ahead for the easy2HookUSA brand.

In addition to bringing Bass Pros Lane and Wolak on board, the company recently announced that Anders Thomassen, a 23-year Mustad veteran and one of the premier senior- level executives in fishing hook industry worldwide has also joined the firm in consulting capacity.

Thomassen, a resident of Norway, will work with both the North American Division and the European parent company. He will be involved with in all aspects of the company’s operations from manufacturing to quality control to international sales and marketing.

Easy2HookUSA’s revolutionary new fishing hooks do not require anglers to utilize a “knot” when attaching their lines to a hook, but rather,  employ a “loop” “wrap” and “pull” tight process that totally eliminates the time-consuming need for tying a knot ever again!!

“Our new hooks eliminate the necessity of tying knots and do so without sacrificing the integrity of the line itself,” Baskett said, “this is a revolutionary approach to an age-old-angler frustration. With easy2Hook you can attach your line in seconds thereby increasing your chances for a successful fishing trip simply because your line is in the water a greater proportion of the time”!!!

Baskett said he believes the easy, convenient and hassle-free“knotless” feature of easy2Hooks will change the future purchasing habits of many anglers around the country and will also attract new participants to the sport who in the past found traditional hooks frustrating to use. He added because the company’s hooks do require anglers to tie a knot people with medically induced dexterity limitations may be able to take up the sport for the first time or resume their activities.
In addition to easy2Hooks, the company also manufactures and markets Bait Strap, single and double soft bait and spray attractant holders. Bait Straps allow anglers to clip their bait containers to their belts, fishing jackets, seat posts or wherever their preference. Both single and double models are available allowing for the use of multiple containers.

Easy2HookUSA’s “knotless” fishing hooks and other products are available at the company’s website: