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Bass Pros Lane, Wolak Assume Roles With easy2HookUSA


Easy2HookUSA manufacturer and marketer of the revolutionary new line of “knotless” fishing hooks announced today that Bobby Lane, Bassmaster Elite Series Pro and 2010 Bassmaster Classic qualifier, along with Dave Wolak, who recently won a qualifying berth in the 2010’s Bassmaster Elite Series have taken on consultant roles with the company.

Both Lane from Lakeland, Fla. and Wolak from Wake Forest, NC, who have been impact participants in the professional ranks all year have agreed to field test new hook prototype product for the company. They will provide feed-back to insure the company is providing the very best professional grade product to anglers at all skill and experience levels.

“We are thrilled to have Bobby and Dave on board,” said Ron Baskett, CEO of easy2HookUSA, “after the tremendous reception we received at the ICAST show in July, we wanted to strengthen our product development team to meet the exciting market opportunities that lie ahead for the easy2HookUSA brand.

In addition to bringing Bass Pros Lane and Wolak on board, the company recently announced that Anders Thomassen, a 23-year Mustad veteran and one of the premier senior- level executives in fishing hook industry worldwide has also joined the firm in consulting capacity.

Thomassen, a resident of Norway, will work with both the North American Division and the European parent company. He will be involved with in all aspects of the company’s operations from manufacturing to quality control to international sales and marketing.

Easy2HookUSA’s revolutionary new fishing hooks do not require anglers to utilize a “knot” when attaching their lines to a hook, but rather,  employ a “loop” “wrap” and “pull” tight process that totally eliminates the time-consuming need for tying a knot ever again!!

“Our new hooks eliminate the necessity of tying knots and do so without sacrificing the integrity of the line itself,” Baskett said, “this is a revolutionary approach to an age-old-angler frustration. With easy2Hook you can attach your line in seconds thereby increasing your chances for a successful fishing trip simply because your line is in the water a greater proportion of the time”!!!

Baskett said he believes the easy, convenient and hassle-free“knotless” feature of easy2Hooks will change the future purchasing habits of many anglers around the country and will also attract new participants to the sport who in the past found traditional hooks frustrating to use. He added because the company’s hooks do require anglers to tie a knot people with medically induced dexterity limitations may be able to take up the sport for the first time or resume their activities.
In addition to easy2Hooks, the company also manufactures and markets Bait Strap, single and double soft bait and spray attractant holders. Bait Straps allow anglers to clip their bait containers to their belts, fishing jackets, seat posts or wherever their preference. Both single and double models are available allowing for the use of multiple containers.

Easy2HookUSA’s “knotless” fishing hooks and other products are available at the company’s website: