Ima Lures Introduces PinJack, Small-profile Mid-depth Diver That Gets ‘Down In That 8-foot Range In A Hurry’


Building on the success of the Square Bill and Beast Hunter, Ima Lures introduces the PinJack 200, a small-profiled mid-depth diver that marries Japanese artistry to the needs of bass anglers around the globe.


“It’s like a mini Beast Hunter with a Square Bill body,” said Elite Series veteran Fred Roumbanis. “It hits a spot that not a whole lot of crankbaits meet. With 10- or 12-pound line you can get it down in that 8 foot range in a hurry.”

South Carolina pro Michael Murphy added that the new lure has certain attributes that others in its class do not. Specifically, “it is very castable and comes through cover incredibly well. In fact it’s almost impossible to hang up.”

When fish are scatted in the pre-spawn and post-spawn phases, this lure can locate them quickly as they go to or from their spawning grounds. With its unique wobble and roll action, it has a different acoustic pattern than any other small crankbait on the market and it has proven deadly on even wary bass. In fact, Roumbanis said that oftentimes after he catches a few fish out of a school with a Beast Hunter, he’ll go back through the area with the PinJack to try to eke out a few more bites. Usually the one-two punch pays big dividends.

Ohio pro and noted crankbait aficionado Bill Lowen added that this lure, like all Ima products, runs exceptionally true on every cast, which makes it deadly for fishing in current. He’s made sure that some of his signature colors, like “Lowen’s Hush Hush” are available to everyone.

The PinJack 200 will initially be available in a total of eight proven colors. It will retail for $16.99

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