IDFG Quits Facebook

Some “friends” they had.

With all the howling on Facebook literally keeping the folks at the Idaho Department of Fish & Game up at night, the agency recently decided to unplug its page.

No more wolf rants, no more reading about what horrible staffers they have, no more likes, comments and shares of cool things IDFG might be doing for fishing, hunting and wildlife.

“We were spending way too much time looking at it. We had some employees who were trying to moderate [Facebook] in the middle of the night, which was crazy,” spokesman Mike Keckler told the Boise Weekly. “I was doing that for a while, and realized I was literally losing sleep over this.”

The agency had 3,500 friends, and Keckler called Facebook “a wonderful tool.”

Idaho has been at the center of the wolf wars since the mid-1990s reintroduction. If anything, things have heated up recently.

Washington’s and Oregon’s wildlife agencies both are on Facebook. WDFW’s page has stirred emotions with posts on wolves as well as wild-steelhead retention. If there’s a positive, it shows that people are paying attention to the agency’s new way of talking.

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