‘I Was Fishing Like An ____. You Got Me’–Nemah Salmon Snagger

Washington game wardens report catching a family of blatant salmon snaggers on a Willapa Bay tributary recently.

They allege that two parents and an uncle were teaching a pair of youngsters aged 11 and 13 how to fish the wrong way, and they had half a dozen salmon on the bank of the tiny North Nemah River when Officer Todd Dielman found them on a late evening patrol.

“They were all fishing with a barbed hook tied about 8 inches above a lead weight. No bait or lure could be found on any rod,” WDFW Law Enforcement stated on its Facebook page today.

None of the six salmon had been recorded on a card, the agency alleges, and some family members were still fishing after retaining what would have been their daily limit.

Had they been doing it legally.

“I was fishing like an a**hole. You got me,” one told Dielman.

The North Nemah sees runs of hatchery and natural-origin Chinook this time of year, as well as some coho and chum later in fall. Daily limit is two adult salmon (up to six jacks), release unclipped Chinook.

WDFW reports the three adults were cited for various violations while the salmon were seized and donated.

“Numerous” snaggers were encountered during the patrol, wardens say.

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