Huge Oregon ‘Archery’ Buck Actually Killed With A Rifle; Shooter Sentenced

A ginormous Southern Oregon mule deer buck that a Lane County resident said he arrowed was actually killed with a rifle, according to state police who say that last month he was convicted and sentenced for the offense.


The story began in 2015 when Kevin H. Noel reported killing the eight-pointer in the Steens Mountain Unit on an archery tag during the bowhunting season.

Afterwards he took it to one of the winter sportsmen’s show to get it measured and ended up placing first in the nontypical category for the species.

The 218 5/8-inch rack also scored as the eighth biggest of all time taken in the Beaver State by a bowman.

But according to the Oregon State Police, this past spring as they investigated Noel for unspecified “other crimes” they learned that he may not have used a bow and arrow to down the trophy after all, but a rifle instead.

That violated his tag and sparked wildlife troopers to take a closer look, and they eventually seized the mount and arrested Noel.

That led to a jury trial and a guilty verdict during a trial in Lane County last month, according to OSP.

OSP reports that last week, Lane County Circuit Court Judge Debra Velure sentenced Noel to pay a $6,250 fine, gave him 15 days in jail, suspended his hunting license for three years and put him on probation for three years while also forfeiting the buck.

And according to OSP, Velure also said Noel couldn’t “participate in any hunting excursions for the next three years.”

3 thoughts on “Huge Oregon ‘Archery’ Buck Actually Killed With A Rifle; Shooter Sentenced”

  1. Fairly light sentence in my opinion! Everything used to commit the crime should have been confiscated as well. If he drove a pickup there, “Gone!” If he stayed in a camper there,”gone!” Rifle used, “gone!” Knife used, “Gone!” Im an avid hunter, i play by the rules, however i think in order to send a message to other “Would be” poachers, we dont stand for crap like this.

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