3 thoughts on “How Much Of Your Washington Fishing, Hunting License Dollars Actually Goes To WDFW?”

  1. Hi Andy,

    Something you should continue to look into is if you look at the figures below:
    •$45 million to manage hunting seasons;
    •$25 million to preserve and restore land-based species and their habitat;

    nearly all of that goes to staffing costs and wildlife surveys. The state no longer has any programs where they actually install habitat programs of their own unless buying up land. They used to have programs to pay landowners (Partnership for Pheasants, etc.) for hunting access on private lands or to “spruce up” lands for better wildlife use. Instead, they use only federal programs (if there are any) and then rely on nonprofits funds to do any habitat work anymore. What’s the point of some of their staffing costs if they aren’t actually putting any of their own funds into habitat for wildlife? And the $25 million to preserve land based species can probably be assumed to be put towards endangered species (sage grouse and pygmy rabbits…) instead of actual hunting habitat. Just curious if you would be able to follow up into those routes. Good luck and I look forward to seeing future write ups along these discussions!

  2. So, to answer your headline question….
    The answer is:
    All of it, Plus some additional monies (Federal and local tax)
    Just trying to decipher the facts and figures.

    1. Editor’s note: The same question was asked of us on Facebook, so here’s the same response I gave there:

      I never got an answer about the exact percentage, and I asked several times. I think it’s just too damned complex to nail down and have it down on the Permanent Record. But for fun and because I enjoy fool’s errands — just my kind of job! — if you take Nate’s statement that one-third of their $437m two-year operating budget (so, $145m) comes from licenses and leveraged federal funding, and that we pay in around $88m every two years, that suggests something north of 100 percent. But I am no mathematician, just some joker with a blog and who really, really should be doing some real work right about now. Coming, Design Department! AW

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