Head’s Up, Rufus Woods Fans

Anton Jones weekly fishing report for Lake Chelan and North-central Washington waters includes the following update on Rufus Woods triploids:

We need to talk about Rufus.  I think that everyone needs to re-think their expectations for this fishery.  I spoke with the Colville tribal fish biologist to find out about triploid numbers this year.  I will try to distill this discussion down to it’s essentials.  First, during 2006 and 2007, the previous owner released around 300,000 extra triploid rainbows into the system.  This created a “bubble” in this fishery that has led to angler success that was not sustainable and expectations that are not realistic.  The tribe targets releases of 2,000 fish per month or 24,000 per year.  The new owner of the pens is a professional seafood company and is much less susceptible to inadvertent releases.  Because of an inadvertent 30,000 fish release in May there are no more scheduled releases for a while.  The silver lining in all this is that eventually, a lot of fisherman will go elsewhere which will reduce the pressure and allow for the growth of those double-digit triploids that we all crave.

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