Hatchery Coho OKed For Retention On Sammamish

Anglers will be able to keep hatchery coho they catch in Lake Sammamish, smolts that apparently decided against going to sea in 2016.

WDFW put out an emergency rule-change notice early this afternoon allowing the retention of fin-clipped silvers under landlocked salmon rules.


That means they count towards your trout limit.

Minimum size is 12 inches, and the regulation stays in effect through May 31.

Kokanee and Chinook must be released.

According to biologist Aaron Bosworth, the residualized coho are believed to have been from last year’s release.

He says he’s not sure why they didn’t head for the ocean, but it’s happened in the past, he’s heard.

Cutting an e-reg allows anglers to legally remove them from the lake, Bosworth says.

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