Grinches Illegally Netting Chums Get Coal, And A Trip To Jail

If your house is anything like mine, there’s been plenty of Christmas cheer of late as the lights and tree go up, advent calendars start yielding goodies, and Bing and Harry get us in the spirit of the season.

The folks at WDFW’s Enforcement Division are also feeling it, and today posted news of yet another case of illegal netting, this time roughly set to The Night Before Christmas.

To wit:

T’was a typical day for Officer Jewett on patrol, but his peek under the bridge wasn’t for trolls

Skookum Creek isn’t much of a creek, but it attracts its share of wrongdoing creeps


When he noticed a car parked alongside of the road, he sensed numerous violations of fishing codes

“Not today!” the officer thought, as he set out sneakily for the poachers to be caught

He watched the two robbers under Kamilche Lane; For unlawful netting, these two were to blame

After seeing plenty they were put into cuffs, t’was the least of their problems – they had other bad stuff

With felony warrants for their arrest, accommodations in jail seemed for the best.

Happy Holidays from Fish and Wildlife Police!

Indeed, happy holidays, officers – and keep up the great work!

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