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Tru-Trip Deep Divers Eliminate ‘Diver Drag’ On Hookup


Tru-Trip Deep Divers are the hottest divers on the market today for salmon & walleye. Keeps your bait in the strike zone rattles in the big ones and releases on hook-up so you fight the fish—not the diver!

The most innovative diver in years, Tru-Trip Deep Divers feature a patented release mechanism that disengages on hook-up. This changes the angle of the diver and eliminates “diver drag” so you fight the fish and not the diver. Throw your old divers away, make room for Tru-Trip, and get ready to CATCH MORE FISH!

Tough and durable, Tru-Trip divers come in 5 sparkling colors and 40’ and 50’ models. Choose the model that’s right for the depth you’re fishing and let Tru-Trip do the rest. Once you experience the Tru-Trip difference, you’ll be hooked too!

Salmon guides can’t get enough of them, but don’t take our word for it – ask a PRO!

“The Tru-Trip Deep Diver is by far the best diver I’ve ever used. Tru-Trip pins baits to
the bottom like no other diver – even in heavy currents they’re stable and solid.
The release mechanism is a great feature for playing out big salmon or bringing
in baits in heavy current. No diver drag!”

Tru-Trip belongs in the tackle arsenal of professional guides and private fishermen alike. Thank You Big Fish Tuff for developing such a fine product.”

Laine W. Lahndt, Master Guide/Outfitter, Kasilof, AK

Whether you’re catching light biters or freight trains, Tru-Trip’s adjustable release does a number on salmon!

Tru-Trip Divers are marketed by MKS Supply and available through your distributor.

Lyman Lures Effective At Different Speeds


Lyman Lures were originally designed for the saltwater and West Coast. Their effectiveness is the fact that they can catch fish at different speeds while maintaining their action. This is due to the fact that the plug is made of wood and the weight distribution along with design gives the plug an action that most plastic plugs are unable to maintain.

The most popular sizes for salmon are size 4, 5, 6 and 9 inch.

Colors vary but below are some of the most popular for West Coast Chinook and coho.

Lyman Lures are a versatile plug  that is used for salmon, trout  and most other game fish.