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Just Map It Delivers Custom Maps For Sportsmen, Landowners, Others Throughout Continent

Just Map It is your custom mapping service for real estate, land ownership, recreation and the energy industry throughout North America. We map lakes, rivers, popular hiking trails and even motorcycle tours to satisfy customer needs.  Anyone can now quickly order a custom map to help plan their next outdoor adventure.

Each map is professionally created using the latest GIS data. Custom maps can be printed on various media, including weatherproof.  Wall maps and digital maps are also available. Waypoint files of your map can be provided for GPS units and maps can be drawn with files from your GPS unit as well.

Deb Homme, cartographer and founder of Just Map it has years of practical experience creating custom maps for large high-end ranches and real estate properties.

Specializing in custom mapping – USGS topographic maps, BLM maps and aerial maps for landowners, real estate, outfitters & guides, hunters, and outdoor recreation, seamless quadrangles and BLM maps to cover the specific areas.

Just Map It… for all your mapping needs.  Custom maps for real estate, land ownership or outdoor adventure.



Debbie D’s Sausages: Old Family Recipes For Today’s Health-conscious Diets

In an age of automation and mechanization, there is Debbie D’s. Tucked away in Tillamook County, she creates sausage using much the same process used by her pioneer ancestors in the 1800s.

Using superb quality, lean, ground Oregon beef, flavored with hand-blended fresh herbs, and her great-grandfather’s, grandfather’s and great uncle’s recipe’s she has made a very special sausage line. Low in fat and sodium, with a minimum of preservatives, this is a sausage for the health conscious diets of today.


With the exception of Teriyaki Beef Stick, all products are made with no M.S.G. It is lightly smoked in small batches to preserve its unique fresh qualities. Select a variety of products from hot and spicy to a very today teriyaki. Try chubs and sticks, links, jerky (made the old-fashioned way) or our notorious “cow pies.” Jerky is delicious and not just beef.

Also try the salmon jerky. Salmon is our specialty. Smoked salmon with the Debbie D label is spectacular in both flavor and texture. It is moist and delicious. Our salmon jerky is simply the best jerky product anywhere.

Debbie D’s will happily fill your orders in the shop or by mail. We ship all over the US and just next door. If you are interested in retailing Debbie D’s products in your shop we would be happy to work with you.

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DR Power Equipment, Makers Of Heavy-duty Power Tiller, TreeChopper Equipment

At DR Power Equipment, we are passionate about the spirit of country living. Based in rural Vermont, we enjoy caring for our land, and take great pride in beautifying and improving the place we call home.

To help us with our passion for independent country living, we appreciate good tools that are durable, simple and useful. That’s why, since 1985, we have been manufacturing and selling tools that make outdoor work easier and more enjoyable. We only offer products that we use ourselves, each one vigorously tested for performance and durability, described truthfully, and guaranteed to be of the best quality and value available.

Check out our DR Roto-Hog Power Tiller for planting food plots to attract wildlife for hunting.  Or our one-of-a-kind DR TreeChopper for clearing invasive trees to create shooting lanes or fire breaks.

Whatever your outdoor passion, we have the power equipment to make sure it’s done right.

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Outfit Your Rig At All American Truck & SUV Accessory Centers


All American Truck & SUV Accessory Centers is family-owned and -operated since its start in 1991. The founders of our company were  involved in the manufacturing side of the business, producing truck canopies along with a variety of fiberglass products. They also founded the Fiberglass Education Association and were involved in the original start up of LTAA, a Nationwide Council of SEMA.

With over 30 years of experience and six locations now and growing, with its start in Salem, Ore., and expanding throughout the Willamette Valley and Central Oregon, All American Truck & SUV Accessory Centers is Oregon’s largest canopy and custom accessory distributor and installation center. Our six retail locations offer a wide selection of canopies and tonneau covers from the major manufacturers, as well as many custom accessories, including performance upgrades and parts, suspension lifts and lowering kits, wheels and tires, lighting and custom interior accessories, and anything else you may want or need. We also carry an extensive line of commercial and heavy-duty products such as  toolboxes, racks, and interior van shelving, along with external appearance products, such as grills, steps, off-road accessories, winches and so much more.

All American Truck & SUV Accessory Centers provides sales and installation services on everything we sell, including suspension lifts and lowering kits, exhaust, headers, and diesel performance. If it can be mounted on a vehicle, we can install it. Hence our motto, “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Stock!”

Need an accessory for your car, truck or SUV? All American has an established reputation with all the major canopy and accessory manufacturers. If we don’t have it, we know where to get it!

The mission of All American Truck & SUV Accessory Centers is to achieve organizational growth and development by servicing our customers to the highest of standards, with the finest products, while supporting our employees and creating top-notch working relationships with our suppliers. These steps combined help us create a first-class buying environment for our clients, and puts you, our customer, first!

Come experience our competitive prices and quality service. Please feel free to call us toll-free from Oregon and Washington at 1-800-611-7640.

Canvas Cabins, Makers Of Fine, Rugged Wall Tents

Canvas Cabins makes the finest wall tent made anywhere!


• Canvas is 10.10 oz. marine-grade army duck, double treated with Sunforger to resist mold and mildew, and to be highly water repellent.

• Lockstitching used exclusively throughout tent. Chain stitches are not used anywhere.

• 5-foot 3-inch sidewall gives lots of walk around room.

• Optional 22-inch high by 26-inch wide fiberglass screened windows with inside zippered closure.

• Spur grommets in eave go through 4 layers of canvas for superior strength.

• 10-inch non-rotting laminated vinyl sod cloth.

• Double canvas storm flaps cover zippers.

• Zippered doors at both ends of tent. Ideal for putting two tents up in tandem or letting a breeze through.

• Tie down rope provided at each corner.

• Optional tie-in door screens have their own zipper and sod cloth.

• Optional outside pole set has 3-inch aluminum ridge and eave poles and 1 1/4 uprights. Fast and easy for one person to put up. We also have Kwik Kamp insode frames.

Superior Quality

The Best Marine Canvas

Made To Take The Weather

Engineered To Last

Workmanship Guaranteed

Inside Or Outside Frames

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Montana Canvas Produces Top Hunting, Family Camping Tents

Any hunter who has spent a week or two in a high-country hunting camp values a quality wall tent. Offering protection from the elements, it becomes a home away from home, and quite often a welcome sight at the end of a hard day. Long preferred by outfitters wanting a stable base camp, they have become the first choice of many outdoor enthusiasts.

The wall tent, also known as the cabin tent, has also become a great family weekend tent. The internal free-standing frames have made this all possible with set-up times taking about 30 to 45 minutes.

Montana canvas offers sizes from 8x10x5 on up to 18x23x5 and have models available in a choice of several tent fabrics: 10 ounce cotton, 12 ounce cotton, or a lightweight relite polyester-based material.

All are treated to be waterproof, mildew resistant and flame retardant.

Our basic tent features consist of 5-foot sidewalls, a 12-inch sodcloth around the perimeter which provides weather- tight seal; reinforced corners and ridgelines and eaves. Also standard is a stove jack with a weather flap and a heavy zipper door with a buckled 6-inch flap.

All of Montana canvas tents come with a storage bag, 200 feet of rope and rope tension adjusters.

The legacy of the wall tent continues today, as it is the most comfortable and meaningful way to introduce children and adults to the outdoor experience. Our new and innovative designs insure our customers of the highest standards and construction, materials and comfort.

Our wall tents have passed the test of time, with families handing down tents from one generation to another, along with precious memories.

You can check out our line of products proudly made in the USA.

Check out www.Montanacanvas.Com or call for a brochure 1-800-235-6518.

Wolf Performance Ammunition Features New Loads

WOLF Ammunition guarantees their line of precision ammunition like no other — all come with a 100 percent performance guarantee! WOLF Ammo is offered in calibers for hunting, target shooting, competition, and plinking. You will find WOLF Performance Ammunition Centerfire rifle and pistol, cartridges offered as WPA Polyformance, WPA Military Classic, and WOLF Gold (reloadable brass).

NEW FOR 2013:
WPA Military Classic
6.5 Grendel Steel Case
100gr. Fmj-bt

WOLF Rimfire is one of the tightest and best-grouping rimfire cartridges available in the world. Using the highest quality brass and a proprietary manufacturing technique yields virtually no case variances which delivers unmatched accuracy. WOLF .22 Long Rifle comes in rounds of Match Target and Match Extra.

WOLF Performance Ammunition allows you to shoot more and spend less!

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Rail Vise Provides Helpful ‘Third Hand’ For Cleaning Picatinny-equipped ARs

The Rail Vise by Rail Vise Technologies is a complete system for holding a Picatinny rail-equipped firearm in a secure manner during cleaning and light maintenance operations.

The Rail Vise clamps onto the firearm’s rail system providing that third hand that is required for the cleaning of the barrel on the AR weapons platform and provides total access to the breech for thorough cleaning of the chamber, locking lugs and bolt interface.

When used with the included Mag Well adapter, the Rail Vise will also hold the Lower Receiver.

Also available are pistol adapters for the most common double-stack semi-auto pistols as well as single-stack 1911 type pistols.

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Trophy Bag Kooler — Short-term Cold-storage Solution To Killing Game On Warm Days

Established in September of 2007, Trophy Bag Kooler, LLC converted to Trophy Bag Kooler, Inc. in the spring of 2011.


Steven W. Glass is the president and inventor of the Trophy Bag Kooler. Prior to inventing the Trophy Bag Kooler, Steve had served in the insurance and estate planning business for 23 years.

His idea for the Trophy Bag Kooler came about due to his personal hunting experiences. Steve is dedicated to his family and enjoys hunting with his son. He feels it is important to enjoy the abundant wildlife and that we owe it to our children to teach them the importance of conservation. Steve feels that taking a child hunting is a wonderful opportunity to teach them not just how to hunt, but to teach them the ethical use of renewable natural resources such as deer.


The Trophy Bag Kooler, with patented technology, is a uniquely designed short-term portable storage unit for transporting harvested game or for aging meat. Our specially formulated KoolerGel is re-usable and stays colder longer than conventional ice. The Game Fresh Spray is a non-toxic antimicrobial spray for use on wild game or raw meat. The ComboKooler in addition to being the cleaner, neater solution for transporting hot or cold items, has many other uses as well.

Trophy Bag Koolers, LLC also offers the smaller ComboKooler for fishing, camping or even just hauling groceries.
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