Fish Hunter

FishHunter is a completely portable smartphone fish finder that measures water depth and surface water temperature as it works to pinpoint fish. Manufactured with military grade specifications, the downward facing sonar transducer is securely wrapped inside a sealed, waterproof rubber ball. Using a high frequency transducer the FishHunter fish finder provides superior resolution and accuracy in all marine weather conditions.


Can’t remember where you caught that big one?

With FishHunter in your tackle box you gain access to military grade sonar technology, including GPS tracking, mapping and navigation to your best fishing spots. By tracking your spots you’ll never have to remember again.


Have you ever wondered what it looks like where you’re casting?

Take a few casts with FishHunter and you’ll see exactly what the bottom looks like, where the structure is, and where the fish are before you cast your lure. Right on your smartphone.


No matter how smart you are, your memory will never be as accurate as FishHunter!

You can keep detailed information on your catches, photos, type of fish, weight & length and bait used right inside our app. Now, who would dare say “you did not catch that big one”?

Finally a smartphone fish finder that’s actually smart.

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