Elgin Man Sentenced For Unbranded Trap; Wolf Charge Dropped

David M. Sanders Jr., 58, of Elgin pled guilty late last month to using an unbranded trap as part of a plea deal that saw a charge of unlawful killing of a wolf dropped.

He was sentenced to pay a $7,500 fine, lost his hunting and trapping privileges for three years and is on probation for 24 months, according to a report on mycolumbiabasin.com.

According to the media outlet, Sanders was “emphatic” that he’d only been trying to trap bobcats, and it appears that the Union County prosecutor agreed it was not an attempt on his part to kill a wolf.

Still, Sanders was admonished for not immediately calling state officials when he found the wolf in his trap.

“This case highlights the fact that the problem with wolves is not going away,” added district attorney Kelsie McDaniel, according to mycolumbiabasin.com. “We are seeing more and more incidents of wolf predation and human interaction in Union County. This issue has long been a challenge for local ranchers, and with the number of wolves in the area more visible, people engaging in recreation are having dangerous and accidental encounters as well.”

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