Bull Moose Poached North Of Enterprise

One of Oregon’s rare moose was poached earlier this month in Wallowa County and state fish and wildlife troopers are looking for information on the case.

They say the bull was killed between Nov. 8 and Nov. 11  north of Enterprise.


“Preliminary investigation revealed that the moose was shot and partially cut up off of the USFS 46 Road between Teepee Pond and mile marker 35 in the Chesnimnus Big Game Unit,” the Oregon State Police report.

They say the animal’s carcass was accessed from a campsite off the north side of that road in the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest.

“Additionally, a side-by-side UTV was used to haul the moose meat and parts from the kill site back to the campsite,” OSP reports.

They’re asking anyone who was in the area near Teepee Pond and MM35 around November’s second weekend and who might have info to call Senior Trooper Mark Knapp (541-426-3049), the Turn In Poachers hotline (800-452-7888) or *OSP(677).

Tipsters stand to gain $1,000 through the TIP program or, in a new option, five preference points for controlled hunts applications.

This is at least the second moose poached in Northeast Oregon in recent years. Thadd J. Nelson was charged in early 2015 with unlawfully killing one in mid-2014. He was later killed by robbers.

According to ODFW’s hunting pamphlet, there are 50 to 60 moose in the Wenaha and Walla Walla Wildlife Management Units, with more being seen in nearby hunting units, including Chesnimnus.

In 2013, a state biologist told the Medford Mail Tribune, “We don’t see them growing exponentially like we’d expect them to do to become healthy enough to sustain hunting pressure.”

Poaching them certainly won’t help.


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