Bendable, Durable, Practically See-through — The InvisaSwivel


InvisaSwivel represents a revolutionary development in terminal tackle. Unlike other swivels that corrode and eventually break, the InvisaSwivel’s semi-soft material can be bent in any direction, yet will spring back straight and true every time, and without losing strength or its free-spinning abilities.

Engineered with a special “Fluoro-Clear” material, these advanced yet stealthy swivels are practically invisible in water. The superior resin compound also provides near-neutral buoyancy for the utmost in finesse for ultra-selective trout and inshore species such as bonefish. This near weightlessness allows you to make easy, arrow-straight casts, as well.

The InvisaSwivel, by Aquateko. (AQUATEKO)

And InvisaSwivel is perfect for anglers not proficient at tying complicated line-to-line joining knots. A standard clinch knot on either end of InvisaSwivel makes a perfectly solid connection.

Inshore and freshwater anglers will appreciate the invisibility, strength, neutral buoyancy and castability of these superior swivels, with sizes ranging from the ant-like 12-lb. test to the brawny 55-lb. test version.

Offshore enthusiasts, too, will appreciate the larger sizes available, from 80-lb. to 200-lb. for the mightiest beasts in the salt.

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