Beginner’s Drift Fishing Set-up

There are simpler steelheading set-ups – swivel, leader, spoon, for starters – and there are presentations that are all the rage today – floats, er, bobbers and jigs. But perhaps none has accounted for as many winter- and summer-runs over the eons as the ol’ drift fishing set-up. Call it a gateway rig, it’s what many of us started out casting before eventually diversifying our approaches for different waters. With a Corky for floatation and either baited with a hank of yarn doused in scent or loaded up with sand shrimp or a thumbnail-sized chunk of cured eggs, this rig is great for working generally uniform-bottomed sections of river moving at faster than walking speed, especially near certain hatchery zones. Adjust the amount of weight until you’re ticking bottom every second or so. –NWS


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