Alleged Poachers Put Big Hole In Their Car

Their aim allegedly was to put a hole or two in Coos Bay area deer one night earlier this week, but a trio of suspected spotlighters put a magnum-sized hole in the side of their 1999 Crown Vic instead.

According to local reports, the retired police cruiser slid off a narrow wooden bridge over Palouse Creek during a turn, somehow was impaled by a metal support, and ended up suspended vertically … not unlike a deer hanging for skinning and butchering.

The driver, Anthony Kimber, 18 years old, suffered leg injuries while 20-year-old Joseph Neyman in the back seat had a hurt thumb. A 17-year-old passenger was unhurt, reported the Coos Bay World, which added:

“Neighbors who either heard or witnessed the crash told deputies they had heard the car racing up the road prior to the crash. Witnesses said the occupants had made statements about illegally spotlighting deer after climbing out of the car. The car still had a spotlight mounted on the driver’s side front pillar and there were two .30-06 hunting rifles inside.”

The driver could face reckless driving charges, while OSP Fish & Wildlife troopers will mull hunting violations, the paper and KVAL report. Northwest Sportsman‘s Jackass of the Month is also investigating.

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