Actual Oregon Wolf Disputes Claim State’s Population Has Stagnated

Dear Wolfies,

Hi, it’s me again, the talking Oregon wolf. Ya’ll might know me as OR777 or whatever, but my real name’s Jimbo.


So this week my Google News Alerts has been filled with headlines that are all like “Ahhh!!!!!! Oregon Wolf Growth Stalls,” “Oregon Wolf Numbers Barely Budge,” “Oregon Wolf Count Up Hardly 1.87654321 Percent,” and “Oregon Wolf Population Stagnates.”

Calling me a lazy dog?!??! Gonna bite your … Water stagnates, not wolves.

Anyway, you’d probably expect me to be all jumping out of my skin about this news from ODFW’s annual survey, but honestly, I don’t think it’s a big deal. We’ve figured out how to bust their little electro collars, got way more than 112 wandering around this place.

Here, step into my den for a little ride in my wolfy-wolf way-back machine.

Lemme adjust these settings here, let’s see …. Washington … circa … 2013 and 2014.


All right, here we are in early 2013 in the Evergreen State, let’s see what the year-end wolf population was … says here it doubled to 51. And that was despite the Wedgie they gave us.

Indeed, pretty respectable for about that time period, roughly five years into our recolonization.

Let’s fast forward a year now.


All righty, what are we up to this go around? Fifty-two.

Daaaaaamn, that seems pretty anemic. The hell’s wrong with those Washington wolves?

Oh, never mind, I get it.

All right, let’s head back to the future. Poof!

What’s Washington’s 2016 count? Holy smokes, 115!

Boy, maybe you shouldn’t judge one year against the next because it fits into the delisting narrative, but look at the longer trend.

All right, back to chasing chickens elk and stuff.

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