A Sixer Of Sheep

Hard not to label this picture a “sixer of sheep.”


It was snapped during a capture operation last month in eastern Asotin County, south of Clarkston.

Over two days, WDFW biologists, wildlife area managers, private lands bios and other staffers caught 40 ewes and lambs in herds up Asotin Creek and near Heller Bar.

The idea was to test as many of the wild sheep as possible to figure out which ones might be “shedding” Mycoplasma ovipneumonia bacteria, which is blamed for causing lamb mortalities in spring.

WDFW was provided “vital” assistance” from folks with USFS, Wazzu, the Department of Agriculture and NGOs.

The operation was highlighted in the agency’s February 24 weekly Wildlife Program report. The reports make for pretty interesting reading, highlighting the agency’s work around the state on all sorts of critters.

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