No sooner did Kameron Roslak land his nice Mackinaw than friend Ryan Johnson hooked a 12-pound Gerrard rainbow. They were fishing flies and Apexes off planer boards during the Lake Pend Oreille fall derby, and placed two-three in the youth division. (FISHING PHOTO CONTEST)

A Lab’s place is in the blind? Whatever! Jake helped guide his master John Naab into a fine mixed bag of grouse – three ruffies and a dusky blue in the mountains outside Colville, in game-rich Northeast Washington. (BROWNING PHOTO CONTEST)

Betcha these two tangle again in the future! While fishing with his mom, Katie, and sister, Reese, and with a little assistance from dad, Nathan, Cash Craig, 6, brought this John Day Dam tailrace diamondside in for a quick pic and release. (FISHING PHOTO CONTEST)

Is it just us or does Fischer Barber look excited about catching his first Chinook? Yeah, it’s a pretty safe bet he is! The 20-pounder bit on his first trip to fish with his grandfather Newt, on Nehalem Bay. (FISHING PHOTO CONTEST)

Fish biologists have the best jobs sometimes! Randall Osborne gets to sample lakes in far Eastern Washington before seasons begin, and he found this beauteous 19-inch rainbow at Fourth of July Lake just prior to late November’s Fish Friday opener. (WDFW)

A few coho managed to straggle back in 2016 after all, including this one caught out of a Grays Harbor river by Aaron Swayze. It bit a pink jig, reports friend and reader Gary Lundquist, who sent the pic. (FISHING PHOTO CONTEST)

Rick and Terry Itami had to work for this Elk River fall Chinook. Foregoing their usual fishing with a fly because of high water, Rick hooked the salmon on a spinner and handed the rod to Terry, but the fish had other ideas and raced off downstream. “Finally, it turned but headed across to the other side and behind a small sand island and into a snag. Terry was too short to wade across the river, so I grabbed the rod and gingerly headed across, changing direction several times to find the wadable depths. When I finally got to the other side of the sand island, I found that the fish had threaded the line through a small snag. Figuring the fish was lost, I took my time clearing the line from the snag, hoping to at least retrieve my lure. Then I could see that the fish had moved further upstream and wrapped the line around an even worse snag. It took me several minutes to remove debris from the snag so I could stick my rod through it to clear the line. After that, I was amazed to feel the fish still wiggling at the end of the line, but it was hiding under yet another snag. I got soaked sticking my hands and arms into the snag to break off limbs and roots, but I finally cleared the line once again. To my amazement, the fish was still hooked and it ran into shallow water where it beached itself and just gave up – totally exhausted. We still can’t believe we landed that fish, but the fillets are in the freezer and I’m sure we will tell this story for many years to come.” We’d say so! (FISHING PHOTO CONTEST)

Fair morning of fishing for Adam Perez, you might say – a pair of bobber-and-egg kings on a small Washington crick. (FISHING PHOTO CONTEST)

Arm in a sling? No problem for Amy Hensley, who landed this wobbler-biting fall Chinook at the mouth of the Lewis River. (FISHING PHOTO CONTEST)

Austin Han looks on as his dad Jerry shows off his upriver bright, caught on the Columbia at Tri-Cities last season. (FISHING PHOTO CONTEST)

“Allison Huwaldt does just fine when it comes to keeping up with dear old dad,” reports Mike Huwaldt of his 7-year-old. “She especially likes spending time in the boat kokanee and trout fishing at Yale and Merwin Reservoirs.” (FISHING PHOTO CONTEST)

Chris Clearman started out last September banking it for Chinook on Washington’s Humptulips (above), but by the end of the month he had a brand-new pontoon boat to run the river (middle). Well, pretty much. On the maiden voyage, Clearman caught a nice big coho on a twitching jig (bottom), but unfortunately also broke an oar. Luckily, a friend was also on the water that day, so he got a tow through frogwater to the take-out – and had a chance to show South Sounders that, yes, fuel-efficient cars can haul boats too! (FISHING PHOTO CONTEST)

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